N200 Rectifying Belt Tension Controller


Servo correction system

Keywords: coil correction tension, printing detection, tension system, still picture system

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: N200 Rectifying Belt Tension Controller
    • Commodity ID: 1120313082488967168

    N200 Deviation Correction Controller

      lUsing 32-bit dual-core central processing unit (FPGA ARM), working frequency up to 168Hz, digital display.

      lDrive motor using FPGA (no need for resistance capacitor commutation, no need to replace the carbon brush)

      lFast response time 0.1ms

      lThe universal sensor interface can connect single and dual opto-electric eyes as well as ultrasonic and infrared sensors.

      lMetal shell, strong anti-interference.

      lElectronic commutation, maintenance-free, high stability, safety performance (commutation without spark)

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