development process

2001-2010 R & D Phase In the 2001-2010 R & D phase, the company did the following

1. Technical research and development:

The company is committed to technology research and development, exploring and developing new correction systems, tension control systems and related products. The team members continuously carry out technological innovation and experiments to improve product performance and quality.

2. System optimization and improvement:

In the research and development phase, the company optimized and improved the correction system and tension system, and improved the stability, accuracy and reliability of the system by testing and verifying different control algorithms and methods.

3. Prototyping and manufacturing:

At this stage, the company produced several prototypes to test and verify the function and performance of the correction system and tension system. These prototypes help companies understand and solve problems that may arise in real-world applications.

Technical cooperation and partnerships:

The company actively establishes cooperative relations with relevant academic institutions, research institutions and industry partners to jointly promote the development and commercialization of correction systems and tension systems. Through technical cooperation, companies are able to draw on external expertise and resources.

5. Market research and demand analysis:

The company conducted market research and demand analysis to understand the market demand and potential opportunities for correction systems and tension control systems. This helps the company to determine product positioning and strategic direction to meet market needs. Technical testing and verification: The company conducted systematic testing and verification of the tension control system designed and developed during research and development. These tests include bench tests, field tests and use tests in real production environments to ensure system performance and reliability.

6. Technological improvement and innovation:

The company continues to carry out technical improvement and innovation, and constantly promote the technical level of tension control system. In the research and development phase, the company may have carried out research on multi-axis control algorithms and optimization of sensor technology to improve the functionality and performance of the system.

Market research and competitive analysis:

In order to better understand market needs and competitors, the company conducts market research and competitive analysis. This helps companies develop more effective marketing strategies and differentiate themselves from competitors in product design and functionality.

8. Talent recruitment and training:

In order to meet R & D needs, the company may have conducted talent recruitment and training. Attracting and cultivating high-quality R & D teams can provide companies with technical expertise and innovation support.

9. Protection of intellectual property rights:

In the research and development phase, the company may actively carry out intellectual property protection work, including patent applications, trademarks, etc. This helps the company to ensure the uniqueness of the technologies and products developed and to gain a competitive advantage in the market.







Positive and negative defect detection system listing, China occupational health and safety management system certification, environmental management system certification, quality management system certification (ISO9001), software product certificate, enterprise intellectual property management system certification 2023, 2024, 2025, 2050
Width/thickness measurement system available;
Still picture monitoring system defect detection system on the market, mask machine correction annual sales of more than 30,000 units;
Visual inspection system division was established, all-in-one machine series;
Products won the CE certification, by the "high-tech enterprise" certification;
Tension System Division is established;