S600 Controller


Servo correction system

Keywords: coil correction tension, printing detection, tension system, still picture system

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: S600 Controller
    • Commodity ID: 1120313080056270848

    S600 correction controller can directly drive the servo motor. The encoder used for correction has strict rules and provides reliable, stable and high-precision coil alignment control through a simple and easy-to-operate interface.

      lThe central processing unit uses 32-bit dual-core (FPGA ARM) and operates at a frequency of up to 168Hz.

      lThe motor is driven by FPGA (no need for additional resistor capacitor commutation, no need to replace the carbon brush. The performance exceeds that of traditional DC motor).

      l16-bit imported high-precision AD sampling chip, sampling time 1us, sensor signal is more stable.

      l260000 color LCD screen

      lImage multi-level menu, easy to operate.

      lUsing fuzzy adaptive PID control, suitable for all kinds of materials.

      lThe universal sensor interface can be connected to single and double photoeyes, ultrasonic infrared sensors, and CCD sensors.

      lElectronic commutation, maintenance-free, high reliability, good safety, commutation without sparks.

      lMetal shell, strong anti-interference.

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