S800 Rectification Controller


Servo correction system

Keywords: coil correction tension, printing detection, tension system, still picture system

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: S800 Rectification Controller
    • Commodity ID: 1120313077535494144

    S800 correction controller is designed to control the correction frame or linear actuator, which can precisely control the high-speed running machine. Industry is widely used, especially in packaging, printing, labeling, paper, textile, metal processing and other fields have an important role.

      lThe central processing unit adopts South Korea's Samsung Cortex-A9 quad-core processor, and the working frequency is as high as gigahertz.

      l16-bit imported high-precision AD sampling chip, sampling time 1us, sensor signal is more stable.

      lFull touch screen using South Korea Samsung, multi-language display.

      lThe controller uses the latest fuzzy PID algorithm in the United States to automatically adapt any material to the optimal parameters.

      lDynamic Identification System of Coiled Material for Human Design

      lCan connect single and double ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, CCD sensors.

      lIt adopts titanium alloy wire drawing shell, high performance, stronger corrosion resistance and anti-interference.

      lElectronic commutation maintenance-free, commutation safety without spark.

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