SE-150 actuator


Servo correction system

Keywords: coil correction tension, printing detection, tension system, still picture system

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: SE-150 actuator
    • Commodity ID: 1120313069985746944

    A flexible correction device consists of sensors, actuators, and controllers. SE-150S/150/300/75S servo correction actuator is used for fast response to changes in coil edge position. The sensor output to the controller is the output that continues to control the movement of the actuator. The actuator that moves the rail mechanism is a stepper motor and ball screw for smaller components.

      lSE-150S/150/300/300S/75S servo correction actuator adopts Japanese SANYO motor without carbon brush.

      lLong service life, stable and reliable, maintenance-free.

      lEnergy saving and environmental protection.

      lAdopt Taiwan precision seamless ball screw.

      lClean and durable, the actuator has no backlash error.

      l75-300mm stroke, 0.5 T-10T thrust available.

      lThe installation method has direct connection type and L type.


    Power supply voltage: DC 24V

    Maximum speed: 30 mm/s

    Maximum stroke: 150mm

    Maximum thrust: 200KG.F

    Side clearance error: less than 0.001mm

    Load: 2000KG

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