T500 Tension


Automatic tension system

Keywords: coil correction tension, printing detection, tension system, still picture system

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: T500 Tension
    • Commodity ID: 1120313052289978368

    The T500 is a fully automatic tension controller. Using 16-bit high-precision AD sampling, sampling time 1us. The sensor is fast and the signal accuracy is high. Can drive magnetic powder brake. The controller can be connected with single and dual pressure sensors.

    Can work automatically for internal operations without sensors.

    It can be widely used in many industries, such as papermaking, printing, packaging, textile, non-woven fabric, etc. Tension control accuracy directly affects the quality of product processing, so the selection of high-performance coil tension controller is the key to improve quality.

    Technical parameters:

    Input power: single-phase AC power 185-264V, 50/60HZ

    Output power supply: 0-24V, 4A (max)

    Use models: mask machine, magnetic powder clutch brake, regulated power supply

    External control signal: 0-10V, corresponding output 0-24V

    Installation method: floor-mounted, wall-mounted, embedded.

    Required environment: 0-40 degrees, relative humidity less than 80RH






    l Using key operation, the display shows the tension data, simple operation

    l Can be used for unwinding, intermediate shaft or winding tension control function

    l Tension calibration process is simple, the tension measurement is accurate, stable and reliable

    L can be connected to single, double sensor input signal, adapt to a variety of tension sensor use

    L can realize RS485 communication, convenient and PLC, PC and other components of the online system

    l Adopt no overshoot PID control to ensure no overshoot of system running tension

    l With dual-axis switching function and acceleration and deceleration control and other functions

    L manual, automatic switching control mode without disturbance switching

    L controller adopts switching power supply DC24V power supply to ensure long-term reliable operation of the equipment

    l The controller adopts a metal shell, with stronger anti-interference and high safety without spark

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