Function and Application of Correction System



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Rectification technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Take the printing and packaging industry as an example. The production equipment responsible for handling ribbon-shaped materials is equipped with a high-performance automatic correction control system, which makes the production speed of the entire production line not to reduce The quality of the produced products has been increased by at least 5 times. It ensures that the material will not deviate from the correct position, because even a small error will produce waste that no company can afford.
ARISE brand's automatic correction system can ensure continuous and accurate control of various types of strip materials in various production processes, limiting waste and downtime to a minimum level. ARISE's correction products will ensure that your machine runs normally at full speed.
The main application areas are:
Tire rubber industry: molding machine, carcass ply pre-correction, sidewall pre-correction, common template correction for laminating drum, lining pre-correction, two-way stretching machine, film blowing machine, industrial belt laminating machine.
Packaging, printing and paper industry: satellite rotary printing machine correction, concave-convex printing machine correction, inspection machine correction, slitting and rewinding machine correction, coating machine correction, etc.
Battery industry: lithium coating machine, lithium slitting machine, lithium rolling die machine, battery lamination machine