Exhibition Ends | Chongqing Enruis 2024 South China International Label Printing Exhibition Perfect Ends!



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South China printing label exhibition for 3 consecutive days

It ended perfectly on March 6, 2024.

This exhibition is the first exhibition of the whole industry chain of printing and packaging,

Also ushered in the 30th anniversary of the South China Label Printing Exhibition,

This is a continuation of a brilliant new starting point.


This exhibition keeps pace with the times and keeps up with the development trend of the industry

With the theme of "Intelligent Packaging and Printing Manufacturing Future"

Set up a popular theme exhibition area

Covering the whole industry chain of printing, labeling and packaging

Linkage resource integration, for enterprises to create a

Professional and efficient business exchange platform


Chongqing Enruis carries many products

Appearance at this exhibition

At the exhibition site

Old friends from afar come to greet

There are also new friends seeking cooperation to negotiate

Exhibition site, sales with a professional and enthusiastic attitude

Detailed introduction for each customer

Also discussed with many peers

Get more industry consulting and front-end information

展会落幕   展会落幕


展会落幕   展会落幕


展会落幕   展会落幕

Although Guangzhou has entered spring in March

Still with the cold winter

But the booth site is like a fire, the heat soared

The exhibit on display is OK-4000 visual inspection system.

It has attracted many eyes.

conducted more in-depth talks and exchanges

Looking forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future

展会落幕   展会落幕   展会落幕


展会落幕   展会落幕

At the same time at the exhibition site to see

Chongqing Enruis Correction Control System

Still picture, vision inspection system product application case

Intuitively shows the product

Excellence in real work environments

As well as demonstrating the efficiency and professionalism of the product

and brought a unanimous praise

展会落幕   展会落幕


展会落幕   展会落幕

The exhibition ended, sincerely thank every new and old customers

Everything in the past is a preface.

Chongqing Enruis will keep walking and innovating

Bring higher quality products to customers!