The exhibition ended | strength out of the circle, Chongqing enruisi technology co., ltd. attended the 2023 Indonesia plastic exhibition



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18 November 2023

The 4-day Indonesian plastic exhibition has ended perfectly.

-Plastics & Rubber Indonesia

Plastics and Rubber Indonesia Exhibition

It is an annual professional exhibition held in Indonesia.

The exhibition attracted exhibitors and professional visitors from all over the world


Indonesia is one of the most important economies in Asia

play an important role in the world economy

Indonesia is also

Largest Plastic Products Market in Southeast Asia

and the world's second largest rubber producer

In Indonesia, rubber and plastic products have become

indispensable basic material in people's lives,

Widely used in home appliances, transportation, communications and public construction and other fields

China is also one of Indonesia's most important importers


Indonesia's plastics industry offers promising investment opportunities.

Strong government support

Growing infrastructure, strong market growth

Make Indonesia's plastics industry more attractive to investors

So this exhibition became

An excellent platform for domestic machinery manufacturers to explore market allies.


Jakarta in November is full of enthusiasm.

Chongqing Enruis Technology carries many products

Appearing at this exhibition.

Thank you for visiting friends at home and abroad

Enruis is in the spirit of innovation, honesty, professionalism and gratitude.

Serving every customer

Although the exhibition is only 4 days

From the beginning of the exhibition to the end of the exhibition

Every link is infused with our passionate attention

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In this exhibition, Enruis Technology's correction system and still picture system are out of the circle by strength.

Attracted many customers to visit

Staff to visitors

Introduce product features and application scenarios

With domestic and foreign customers in-depth business negotiations and exchanges

established a good cooperative relationship

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With high quality, reliability and professional products

Won the favor of overseas customers

More and more overseas customers

See the charm made by Enrios

Also more understanding and recognition of the advantages of Chinese manufacturing

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Enrios has been established so far.

Has been the support and help of new and old customers

In the future, we will continue to focus on coil control

Committed to achieve customer, team and enterprise win-win

Although the Indonesian plastic exhibition ended in 2023

But the future journey continues, Do not forget your initiative mind, to forge ahead!

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