Stimulate Potential, Focus on Excellence, Chongqing Enruis Technology Staff Skills Competition Brilliant Presentation



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Show superb skills, staff skills competition ended perfectly!


On October 25, 2023, Enruis Technology successfully held the first employee skills competition. The purpose of this competition is to improve the comprehensive skills and innovation ability of enterprise employees, and at the same time strengthen team cooperation and communication, so as to inject new vitality into the healthy development of enterprises.

At the competition, the leader of Chongqing Enruis Technology Co., Ltd. first delivered a speech. The leader said that the core competitiveness of the enterprise is ultimately the competition for talents. The sea is wide and the sky is high. I hope everyone will actively participate, dare to fight, and compete in style and level.

  1. Gathering Wisdom to Show Potential

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2. Fingertips dance, word sea churning!

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Dance with your fingertips to show the typing talent of each employee. This competition will accurately measure the typing speed and accuracy of employees to ensure fair competition and judgment. The typing competition was fierce and unusual, with each employee's fingers flying fast and the keyboard tapping sound like music. Tension and anxiety filled the air as the contestants took their last breath and raced against the clock to finish.

  3. Process precision, highlighting the beauty of professional

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In the tense atmosphere of the competition, the participating employees gave full play to their technical abilities and carefully drew high-quality drawings. The judges will conduct a comprehensive review and scoring of the drawings, taking into account factors such as accuracy and standardization, and select the best entries.

  4. skilled assembly, exquisite welding, full packaging, first-class quality

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Assembly, welding and packing competitions are like a carnival feast to show the spirit of craftsmen. The contestants gracefully piece together the various parts, using superb technology to outline the perfect weld, and cleverly package the finished product. Their skill and agility demonstrate their professional competence and unique talent in these areas. These three competitions not only show us the technical power of assembly, welding and packaging, but also let us appreciate the infinite charm and expression brought by the craftsman spirit.

  5. The fusion of creativity and skill, the light of the craftsman!

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After intense and fierce competition, the judges carefully evaluated and finally decided on the winners. Their excellent skills and creativity make them stand out as the leaders of this competition. We extend our warm congratulations to them. For those who have not won the prize, please do not be discouraged. The competition is only an opportunity, it does not represent your full strength and potential. Continue to study and practice hard and explore more skills and knowledge. Believe in your talents and persist in the pursuit of excellence, you will be able to show your best in future competitions. Remember, every effort is a step forward. Come on!