The end of the exhibition | the curtain will not end, and the highlights will not stop. Chongqing enruisi technology co., ltd. is grateful to meet next time.



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On September 4-6, 2023, the 21st International Rubber Technology Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition attracted much attention and was very lively. Exhibitors and visitors from home and abroad gathered here to conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges, promote cooperation and promote industrial development.


This exhibition continues to adhere to the concept of "policy promotion, technology docking, business cooperation, foreign exchanges, investment and intelligence", and discusses and exchanges around the new pattern, new changes and new situation of the tire recycling industry. Through on-site exchanges, experience sharing and achievement display, it promotes cooperation and exchanges inside and outside the rubber industry, and promotes the innovation and development of the industry. As one of the exhibitors of this rubber technology exhibition, Chongqing enruisi science and technology co., ltd. presented its deviation correction system, tension system, defect detection system, thickness measurement system and width measurement system at this exhibition.

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Product display

During the exhibition, the booth of Chongqing Enruis Technology Co., Ltd. attracted the attention of many visitors and industry experts, and also ushered in the visit and negotiation of a number of well-known enterprises, including Pirelli, Michelin, Sanfu, soft control, Sa Chi, Saixiang and other well-known brands. The booth staff also actively interacted with the audience, sharing technical advantages and practical application cases, bringing more business opportunities and cooperation possibilities for Enruis technology. Through face-to-face communication and in-depth discussion, Enruis Technology can understand the market demand, listen to the opinions of people from all walks of life, and regard it as valuable experience and opportunity.

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The journey continues.

The exhibition is coming to an end, but Enruis Technology does not stop here. It will continue to devote itself to technological innovation and product research and development, continuously improve its own strength, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry. Finally, I sincerely thank the exhibition organizers, experts and spectators for their attention and support, and look forward to meeting you again at the next industry event to witness the progress and development of rubber technology.


Thank the new and old customers to visit our booth, let us look forward to the future!

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