Think of the Autumn of Gathering, Endeavour Team Building-Chongqing Enruisi Technology Co., Ltd. Team Building Activities in Autumn 2023



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  Don't live up to the autumn day, gather team strength

Autumn is crisp and the sun is not dry. It is a good time to travel. In order to enhance the cohesion of employees, enrich their amateur cultural life, and follow the autumn time, Chongqing Enruisi Technology Co., Ltd. organized a long-awaited group building activity on September 25, 2023. The theme of this group building activity is "Unity, courage to forge ahead, honesty and mutual assistance, and win-win cooperation" to improve the ability of communication and cooperation among employees.


At the event, the leader of Chongqing Enruis Technology Co., Ltd. first delivered a speech. The leader said that in the team building activities, team members should actively show their strengths and abilities, learn and complement each other, establish a relationship of unity and trust, and work together to achieve common goals, so that the team can be stronger and more successful.

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At the beginning of the activity, we introduced ourselves as a team. We saw everyone's bright spots and strengths, but also felt the diversity and vitality of the team.

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  Fusion cohesion, hand in hand

On the day of the event, the employees gathered together and started a variety of group building activities. The host guided the employees to play games in groups. After being divided into groups, each team member quickly entered the state, forming a team atmosphere and strength.

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  a circle to the end

The first is the "circle to the end" game. The team members hold hands to form a closed circle. One of them puts a hula hoop on his arm and passes the hula hoop through everyone's body without using his hands. In this game, everyone needs to cooperate with each other to make the hula hoop pass smoothly and complete the task. It not only tests the ability of teamwork, but also enhances the tacit understanding between teams.

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  Guessing lantern riddles

Then carried out the "guess lantern riddles" game. Guessing lantern riddles not only fits the festive atmosphere, but also is an activity to test intelligence. Everyone actively participates, thinks actively, and raises their hands.




  You painted me, I guess.

"You draw I guess" In this game, each team sends two representatives to compare the painting actions according to the pictures, and the others make guesses.

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  tug of war

In the end, there is a tug-of-war game, two PK, in which team members need to work closely together and work together in the same direction. Team members trust and support each other, further strengthening the bond between each other.

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  Condensate potential energy and move towards infinite possibilities.

This activity has made the body and mind happy, narrowed the distance between each other, and made everyone have more sense of gain and belonging. Through games and interactions, we have deepened the connection and understanding between team members and laid a more solid foundation for cooperation. In the future, we will continue to maintain this spirit, grow together and make progress together.


Finally, before the end, let us carry the spirit of this group building activity together, continue to work together and move forward bravely. Looking forward to the future, we will be more united attitude, the courage to forge ahead, integrity and mutual assistance, win-win cooperation.