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Chongqing Enruisi Technology Co., Ltd.


Chongqing Enruisi Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of light, machinery, electricity, Internet as one of the national high-tech enterprises.It has four national invention patents, eight utility model patents and appearance patents.10two software copyrights. The company's products to obtain the EUCE,EMCElectromagnetic interference,ESDElectrostatic testing and other international certification.


Focuscoil control, dedicated to R & D and production of products isCorrection system, tension systemand visual inspection system. Photoelectric,CCDColor sensitive, ultrasonic and other position sensorsAlso in the industry field has a wide range of applications.The design and development team owned by Enruis has made unremitting efforts to make Enruis a first-line brand in the world. The existing R & D staff in the R & D Department are all engaged in the industry.10More than years have rich experience in scientific research personnel, they have strong innovation ability, good at new device applications, both hardware and software technology, the team covers a wide range of professional. Today, the R & D hardware and software platform is well-equipped, the testing methods are perfect, and the technical data and technical reserves are abundant..


The company's five offices are located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shantou, Dongguan and Taiwan. The products cover all coastal cities and major industrial cities with intensive industrial development, and are widely used in labeling, printing, packaging, papermaking, steel, rubber tires, wire and cable, textiles, lithium batteries and other industries.


Domestic cooperation brand more than one hundred, China servo correction leading brand








Product features:Simple operation, fine control coil production.




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Main product introduction:

All-in-one machine for correcting deviation of mask machine


Enruis correction integrated machine system canMake the mask machine in the production processmulti-layer materialAutomaticAlignment, production speedDoubleReduce waste of raw materials and avoid machine jamShutdownSave manpower control costs and material change time.During the outbreak to help many mask machine manufacturers to win valuable production efficiency.


Enruis Servo Correction System


Enruiscorrection systemfor different coilsProvidecorrespondingDetection method:WithEdge, heel, or centering.High precision industrial automation control.


enruis automatic tension system:

Enruis tension control system is suitableUseA variety of industrial scenarios, pedestal type, through shaft type, cantilever typeFlexible and free installation of sensors.ImplementationTensionHigh accuracy of the synchronization, winding and unwinding,uniform control.





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