Application of Analog Control in Deviation Correction System



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What are the main aspects of the correction controller used in the field of fuzzy control? It mainly includes the following four aspects:
1. Fuzzy correction controller-fuzzy controller part mainly includes fuzzification, fuzzy control rules and fuzzy elimination of three parts, this paper fuzzy controller is Cortex-A9 microcontroller.
2. Rectification control actuator-The actuator is a domestic self-developed SE-150 rectification actuator (also known as rectification driver). As a brushless DC motor with superior performance, its maximum speed can reach 40 mm/s.
3. The controlled object of the correction control object-the controlled object of the correction controller is a coil. Under high-speed conditions, it receives the effect of uncontrolled force and cannot maintain straight operation to make its width center line deviate from the reference center line.
4. Correction sensor-This device uses ultrasonic correction sensor AE-210, which can complete high-resolution ultrasonic sensing/frequency conversion and communicate directly with micro-processing.
The whole correction control process is to sample the photo-electric correction sensor through the single-chip microcomputer, and to blur the data processing. Analyze the relative deviation of the controlled object, query the fuzzy control rule table, select the corresponding control strategy, and send it to the actuator drive motor for correction.