The 34th International Rubber & Plastic Exhibition Ogak Experience



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The 34th International Plastic Exhibition Ogak Experience

In 2021, the 34th International Plastic Exhibition (April 13-16), the correction, tension system and O K vision system developed by Chongqing Enruis Company were unveiled at the 2A61 Pavilion of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Rectification tension equipment for plastic packaging machinery can greatly improve production efficiency to achieve industrial automation control. Reduce the position offset in the coil production process, greatly reducing labor costs and material waste. Domestic servo correction leading brand, to achieve cost-effective precision control. Domestic market cooperation brands include BYD, Konka, Xinshida, Huazhong CNC, Ruihai Machinery and other large and small enterprises.

According to the technical director of Enruis, "The visual inspection robot launched by its Ogak (Chongqing) Robot Co., Ltd. is a booster of printing quality. The ultra-clear resolution can change the focus and size, providing real packaging and printing quality monitoring." In the face of many manufacturers' uncertainty and doubts about the use of the new equipment, the technical director said: "The visual inspection robot has the characteristics of simple key operation. Under the clear and smooth working experience, the visual inspection is no longer cumbersome and inefficient. "To this end, we believe that this product can multiple open a new generation of printing experience for your printing process escort. "The intelligent production process not only embodies the perfect sense of operation, but also has no worries and leads the quality all the way.

In the exhibition, the audience mentioned more than once that the printing quality is the main reference factor for selecting various products from the market. Not every company in the printing industry can produce satisfactory high-standard prints. Picky customers will notice even small packaging defects and image defects when purchasing. So we don't have time to waste on errors in the printing process. An effective image monitoring system can help the operation to capture printing defects more easily when the printing process tells the operation. It is necessary to adopt a smooth and uninterrupted printing digital workflow.

Under the influence of market demand and future trends, this intelligent image system developed by Ogak (Chongqing) Robot Co., Ltd. came into being, focusing on improving printing quality and improving production. The monitoring system uses new technologies and methods to transform high-speed moving images into static images that can be easily identified by the naked eye, and can be partially enlarged in time to detect small printing defects, so as to take corresponding measures to improve printing quality.

Compared with similar products, our products have good cost performance and quality assurance. We look forward to working with you to build brand value together through determination and tireless efforts.